MT Box Nokia – MTB NK v2.33 BETA setup released

Release notes:

  • Now software works with new flash loaders – new Nokia protocol –
  • Supported Rapu Yama phones – FBUS and USB flashing tested on 5630 and 6700
  • Supported RAP3v4 phones – USB flashing tested on Nokia X3 (FBUS work in progress)
  • All older phones must be supported too
  • Added all DCT4+ patch files released till today
  • Latest USB drivers included

Some limitations in this beta:

  • Content conversion may be not work with new flash loaders (64k to 128k)
  • USB flashing supported only from DEAD MODE USB
  • RAP3V4 phones (Nokia X3) only USB flash is supported
  • APE USB flashing with new protocol may be not work

Please note:

Before install new setup you need to uninstall old one (backup your important files first),
or just rename old c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box\ to c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box_old\

If you find any bug or have any recommendation please post in discussion thread

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